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Hey! I'm Dax009.

I make videos, own a website, and generally exist on the internet doing things.
In terms of basic stuff, I'm a guy and live in the US.

Current interests/hobbies/stuff like that:
  • Undertale/Deltarune,
  • Splatoon,
  • Technology,
  • Coding,
  • Console homebrew,
  • and Minecraft. Etc.
Stuff I use:
  • paint.net,
  • VSDC Video Editor,
  • OBS Studio,
  • GeForce Experience,
  • Xbox Game Bar,
  • Visual Studio Code,
  • and Windows 10. More info >
The Q&A Section

Questions Answers
Is your real name Dax? No. not yet, at least
But what IS your real name? I'm not telling you. If you know, keep it to yourself, thanks.
What do you look like in real life? Not great.
How long have you been on the internet? 10 years or so. Most social medias, though? 2016ish.
How old are you? I forgot
Do you own the account Dax009 on [service]? Maybe. If it's not linked in my socials, it might be mine. Unsure? DM me on Discord or Twitter.
What type of music do you listen to? I like Tame Impala, Daft Punk and other stuff that I'm not gonna admit to you.
What games have you played/do you play? All the games mentioned in the Interests section, and also:
Garry's Mod, Portal, Portal 2, Geometry Dash, PC Building Simulator, VRChat (by myself) and Flow Free on my phone. Just look at my Steam profile.
Were you originally a Geometry Dash YouTuber? Yes, but then I realized I wasn't actually good at the game, so I just became a Splatoon YouTuber. Now I do all sorts of things.
Do you have a TikTok? Yes, but I try not to associate it with my main presence online. I also own @Dax009 on there but it's just for reuploads from YT.
Discord? It's "@dax009". Formerly Dax009#5969. Also, my server.
Why are you writing this like people are actually gonna see it? Optimism and boredom.
Other Stuff
Questions Answers
Are you the same guy that made the Roblox game "fall off a building simulator"? Yeah. Not my proudest creation.
Do you own 2 Wii U's? Yes, and I'm tired of pretending I don't.
Has anyone actually asked the questions you're answering? No.
Do you have a life? Take a guess.
small Kris sprite credit u/AemAsca. UNDERTALE sprites copyright Toby Fox.